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Carving a Fish

A couple of months ago, I had some spare time on my hands, and I had recently cut down a tree.  I decided that I was going to try my hand at tree carving.  At first it did not look … Continue reading

Pickling Bath & Neutralizing

Van Dyke Supply Co. is a company that I get supplies from. One of the products that I get from there is Citric Acid for pickling hides. Below is a description of the product and how it works. Pickling … Continue reading

Beaver Trapping

Yesterday I set some traps in two ponds to trap some beavers.  I had a beaver catch today. Below is a picture of the beaver and on down is some more pictures. A book that I have been reading is The … Continue reading

Deer Mounts

Below are a couple of pictures of finished deer shoulder mounts. The three deer in the top picture are white-tailed deer taken in Kansas. The one on the right is a small 10 points buck with the head facing to the … Continue reading

Trapping: Removing Honeybees out of a Building

A couple of months ago I removed a honey bee hive out of a building.  The bees have moved into the soffit and had been living there for about three years.  They were getting into the soffit by going through … Continue reading